College Students Using Computers On Media Studies Course

Many places require a B at GCSE, but not all.

It’s impossible to say what’ll happen – it depends upon the admissions tutor for your A Level college of sixth form. Although most places will want at least a B.

However, most A Level courses require a B at GCSE at least, to ensure you will fair well in the transition from GCSE to A Level.

If you feel you were hard done by, it’s probably worth just telling your tutot this and promise to do really well! There are people that missed their offer and got in anyway to do their chosen A Levels.

Most places won’t take you to do an A Level is you get anything less than a D, as it shows you don’t really have a grasp of that subject. They do this to avoi disappointment and drop out.

Stop worrying about not getting your grades, and start working on getting them.

If you’ve got severe problems make sure you contact your school well in advance to let them know – they’re usually leanient, most of the time!