Colleges & Sixth Form

Free periods, fewer subjects - oh, and harder work!

Life at college is great - it's a springboard to university or your career path and is one of the greatest times you'll ever have!

The only drag is you might have to sit some exams, and do some interviews! will help take the pressure off, with some great interview tips, questions on stuff that we're very often asked on how to apply to Cambridge or Oxford, and even a UK wide college search!

College Search
Looking for a college ANYWHERE in the UK? Look no further - use our great online college search where you can check out all the college in the UK - and their websites to see what they offer... | More

University Guides
University guides - written by students themselves! Blunt, real-life uni reviews help you make your decision. If you don't like what they say, you could always use our official guide | More