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Colleges is the UK central website through which students can find out about, and prospectively apply for, college and higher education. We provide information and services to prospective students and HE professionals.

Whether you’re a parent or teenager, GCSEs and A-levels are a huge part of life. The grades achieved can play a big role in determining what colleges, sixth forms, universities and jobs you can go into, so you need to know all about them.

With the government once more overhauling the education system, it is imperative to read up on grades, subjects and university, to help ensure students reach their full potential.

As well as providing guides on GCSEs, A-levels and applying to university, we have information on jobs. Whether it be jobs abroad during the summer, part-time shifts during university, or full-time after leaving education, we’re here to help.

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GCSEs are compulsory exams for 16-year-olds, so read our guides to ensure you’re all clued up on the latest changes.


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College and Sixth Form

College and sixth form are where you pursue your interest in more detail, and gain A-levels or other qualifications.

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Applying To University

University is a big decision for any student, so read our guides to ensure you know the important aspects to consider.

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Finding work can be daunting, but with proper preparation and clear information we’ll help you find the right job.

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Find a school, college or sixth form near you by using our directory, full of details on each institution.

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College News

We cover some of the latest education news that affects students and parents, so take a read through.

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