Tipp-Ex Mini


Tear-resistant plastic tape that won’t rip or break
This high-quality concealer tape doesn’t need time to dry, which is why it was named the best corrector solution in Europe
Engineered to seamlessly and smoothly glide on using either the left hand or the right hand
The mini design makes the Pocket Mouse a perfect fit for any pencil case
Hickory dickory dock, Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one, that mouse said, “I’m not done! This pack contains 1 mouse with 6 metres of tape that corrects text 5 mm high. You can hold me in your left hand or your right hand because I gracefully glide across the page and never skip or fall. If my tape ever gets stretched, you can wind me back up in a flash. Smooth and even corrections are all yours with my super-tough plastic tape. No drying time, just write away on the corrector tape. You can see through me to check how much tape is left because I’m clear. And don’t forget, I’m a mini correction mouse, so I fit in any pencil case.” Tipp-Ex was a legacy German brand specialised in correction supplies.