Step Up to GCSE Music: Get Up to Speed with Stave Notation and the Core Requirements in Just Two Weeks Price:  Original price was: £9.99.Current price is: £9.45. (as of 20/02/2023 13:21 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.



Step Up To GCSE Music is the authoritative resource for getting you up to speed with the core content of the new GCSEs, which will be taught in schools in England and Wales from 2016.   Whatever instrument you play, whatever your background, this clear and accessible guide:   Provides 14 sessions that can be tackled one-per-day for a fortnight’s ‘crash-course’ in the holidays, or spaced out over a school term Gets you up to speed with stave notation and the musical language requirements for all GCSE boards Contains regular tests to make sure that you fully understand eachtopic Helps you to achieve the highest grades

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