Invision Monitor Arms Variation


MORE FLEXIBILE COMPARED TO MECHANICAL MOUNTS – Unlike mechanical monitor mounts, which require unscrewing to adjust their position, the MX300 dual screen monitor arm uses ElevationAssist technology – a gas strut that counterbalances the weight of the screen allowing easy one-touch fingertip adjustment to the required position giving the user a safe and comfortable working position. Capable of a full 360° of screen rotation for landscape to portrait viewing
HEALTH BENEFITS & INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – Positioning your computer monitor for maximum ergonomic comfort helps reduce the posture related health risks of sitting for long periods at your desk. The Invision MX300 offers the perfect solution, providing full height adjustment and a wide range of viewing angles. Optimising your workstation and screen position correctly can have a huge positive impact on your productivity, health and wellbeing
MAXIMISE DESK SPACE & OPTIMISE YOUR WORKLIFE – The MX300 allows you to transform your working environment by freeing up precious desk space. The dual arm setup allows you to work simultaneously on two documents, improving your productivity. You can tilt the screen forwards or backwards (great for a reading view or a standing break) and will remain completely stable at any angle. This is perfect for moving the screen around in any direction, so you can quickly switch from work to gaming or TV
SOLID CONSTRUCTION & BUILT TO LAST – At Invision we pride ourselves on design and innovation. The MX300 is designed for strength and stability with a reinforced streamline die cast alloy frame and steel ring compression swivel fittings to ensure reliable positioning and zero sagging. All moving parts are tested to Invision`s 20,000 real-life cycle motion test ensuring years of trouble-free adjustment and all our PC monitor arms are backed with a full 3-year warranty
EASY INSTALLATION & WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SUPPORT – The MX300 is extremely versatile and installation is simple. It has two alternative installation methods to ensure the arm securely fixes to your desk (clamp and through-the-desk). The MX300 is for screens 17-27″ and covered by our Compatibility Promise to ensure your screen is compatible and you have a trouble-free installation. Should you need us our friendly customer support team are always on hand to help