D-Line kabeldoos


D-Line’s Cable Tidy Box has 3 x cable entry / exits in the rear, meaning a neat appearance is always maintained. To ensure entry/exit cables or organised use with D-Line Cable Tube, Cable Trunking, Cable Wrap or Cable Zipper.
D-Line’s Cable Hider Box conceals/protects cables and extension blocks, making them less accessible (to pets and infants). Hiding extension blocks & excess cables in a D-Line Cable Management Box also makes surfaces easier to clean.
Popular wire organiser to act as; a TV cable management solution in homes, to tidy excess cables around gaming equipment or in workspaces as an under desk cable management solution.
D-Line’s Cable Tidy Box has curved ends & a polished lid, blending with high-end AV/IT equipment.
D-Line – Small Cable Management Box dimensions: 325mm (L) x 125mm (W) 115mm (H) – Small, Black