Less Students are Opting to Study Abroad

Studying overseas is available to university students all over the world. It is a great way to learn in a brand-new environment whilst meeting people and experiencing a culture that is different to their own. The UK is one of the top study destinations, yet it sends out less students than it welcomes. Approximately 2% of UK students choose the option to study abroad.

Students are displaying an interest in taking on overseas programmes. Students are attracted to the experience of going abroad but the idea of studying in a new place, on their own is daunting. There are various barriers that are faced by students when considering an over-seas opportunity.

Money Makes the World Go Round

The most significant is cost. Along with tuition fees there’s also accommodation and the general cost of living. The idea of being stuck without money, away from home can be worrying.

The UK Government does offer loans, grants and bursaries to help with large fees. Its simply about researching and finding what is right for you. In a survey of 1,033 UK undergraduates, 70% thought that help with funding would be a major motivator to study abroad.

Unstable Politics

There is a great deal of uncertainty felt by students that is negatively influencing their decision to go overseas. On a political level, the UK is in an unpredictable environment. Following the EU referendum, students are concerned about the ease of acceptance into programmes abroad.  Politics has also had an influence on students’ decision to study in the United States. It remains the most prevalent destination, but popularity has decreased from 40% to 22%.

Sadly, there isn’t a solution to ever-changing politics. The only thing that can be done is pay attention to the news and research how unfolding events affect you. All students should still take the chance to go abroad regardless, if the opportunity arises.

Students Need More Information to Study Abroad

Most of the solutions are simple, but they need to be taken more seriously. Students are put off studying abroad because of barriers they are confused about. Overall, students need more confidence when deciding on studying abroad. This will only happen if there is more information readily available to them. If students are shown evidence of the benefits of studying abroad they will feel more reassured.

Quite often, students who studied abroad found that their anxieties were greatly decreased once they had the experience first-hand. Students that have returned from abroad should share their experiences. Once students have access to this information and hear about genuine experiences, they will feel more confident in deciding to study abroad.