Figures suggest clearing placements at highest rate for five years


Over 11,000 students received places on undergraduate courses through clearing in the 24 hours following A-level results.

Ucas figures show that this was the highest number seen in the last five years.

Typically, students that gain places through clearing are usually those who did not receive sufficient grades to enrol on their preferred courses, however a fall in university applicants has left more places available for students than normal.

The figure provided at this stage is almost twice that seen at the same time last year.

Overall, 437,070 students have received places on university courses, 1.3 per cent lower than at the same stage last year, with 134,840 still looking for places through clearing.

Ucas chief executive Clare Marchant said with nearly 45,000 courses looking for students there was a huge amount of choice out there.

Following a change in the rules made in 2013, universities have been able to give places to an unlimited number of students with the required grades in their A-levels.