Ofsted rates increased number of English schools as good or outstanding


Approximately 86 per cent of English schools and academies have been ranked as being good or outstanding by Ofsted, a 2 per cent rise on the same figures last August.

There were fewer secondary schools with this ranking (76 per cent) than primary schools, of which 87 per cent had been ranked in either of these top two categories.

Ofsted said that by the end of March, three-quarters of primary schools who had previously been judged as “requiring improvement” had successfully improved at their next Ofsted inspection.

However, there are still substantial variations depending on location. In the Midlands and the north, fewer than 60 per cent of secondary schools in 17 local authority areas have been classed as either good or outstanding. Conversely, in the east and south, there are just seven local authorities in the same situation.

“This continued progress has come despite severe funding pressures and teachers shortages,” said interim general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), Malcolm Trobe.

“These issues must be tackled urgently in order to maintain and raise standards further. Young people only get one chance to go through their school and college career and a successful education system is essential for the future economic and social wellbeing of our country.”