Single-sex schools need to adapt for transgender students


Teachers have called for more to be done at single-sex schools to accommodate for transgender students coming out, after claims that “schools are ill-prepared”.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) is meeting to discuss what more can be done to improve training for such situations, and also said that making changes to the schools (such as providing gender-neutral toilets) should be just as necessary as making changes to accommodate for those with a disability; there should be no discrimination.

A student at a residential boys school in North Yorkshire came to his teacher, Graham Easterlow, and revealed they were a transgender female last year.

Talking about the situation, Mr Easterlow said: “The interesting thing is that I don’t think it was difficult for the pupil. The pupil was absolutely aware – she was extremely clear and knew exactly how she wanted to identify.”

“The challenge came when we realised that the school was facing the issue for the first time and there was no precedence. There was no process to support that particular pupil.”

“I’m fearful that without the right leadership, without the right policies and procedures in place, that teachers, staff and school leaders won’t be properly prepared to support young people who come out as trans,” he continued.