International students to leave UK after college loses licence


Approximately 350 foreign students have been told to leave the UK by the end of March, after their private college lost its licence.

The Home Office confirmed that the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) is no longer allowed to recruit and teach non-EU pupils, reportedly due to issues over the proportion of visa applications refused.

The college has said that it will intensify its teaching, to try and accelerate the students’ programmes so they will finish their courses before they leave the UK. Many are near the end of their courses, apparently, so it may be possible to speed the students through the process.

However, one student said he was worried he would be unable to finish his course in time. He said: “I paid £8,500 up front, which is a lot of money in Africa. I did not expect this to happen in Europe, and in the UK particularly.”

“At this time they are offering to compress the schedule so that we can finish the course by the end of March, but we are not sure this is possible,” he continued.

Professor Maurits van Rooijen, of LSBF, said: “These are genuine and good students. We will deal with every student on an individual basis to ensure they will be able to continue their courses and complete their qualifications.”