Schools set to offer lessons on human rights


A project which has been designed by Kerry Kennedy, an American human rights activist, will see English schools offered human rights lessons which look to address topics such as repression, slavery, religious freedom and political violence.

The intention is for schools to discuss matters such as the refugees who have fled from Syria, with the scheme stirring debates about toleration, respect and democracy.

The international project, Speak Truth to Power, which is run by RFK Human Rights (named after former US politician, and Kerry’s father, Robert Kennedy) will look to teach pupils about human rights activists who have faced torture or imprisonment, and challenged oppression.

Launching the scheme is Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary, who said: “We want all young people to leave school well-rounded, confident and resilient, and fully prepared for life in modern Britain. That means encouraging them to become more active and engaged citizens, promoting integration and building a One Nation society.”

Teachers will have access to online material in order to carry out the lessons, and one of the aims for this scheme is to demonstrate that intolerant views are unacceptable, in an attempt to combat extremism.

Extremism has become a significant concern around the world, with groups such as ISIS and Boko Haram carrying out violence and political repression on a large scale.