Costs of NI police training college continue to rise

students being aided by a teacher

The costs of building a Northern Irish police training college have continued to rise before construction has begun.

Although builders have not started work on the empty lot, more than £11 million has already been spent on the new academy, which the government hopes will educate the nation’s police force in years to come.

The cost of buying the site came in at £3 million, with the other £8 million coming from site maintenance and architectural costs, according to UTV.

The original budget for the site envisioned that £80 million would be spent on the training college, but delays stemming from security concerns and personnel problems mean the projected cost now stands at £117 million.

It is expected the 250-acre centre will open in 2015, with construction due to break ground in October later this year.

Sandra Overend, a local Ulster Unionist Party politician, said: “There is excitement about the opportunity that this brings to Mid Ulster, but at the same time the delays and the constant problems that are ongoing with it are bring doubt to the local communities.”