Student doctors to receive remarked test results

Medical students in their final year at Queen’s University in Northern Ireland are set to receive the results of a re-mark today (March 8th) after an exam body decided to rescind the results of a hospital placement test.

Approximately 250 undergraduates at the university – as well as many others studying at other English, Welsh and Scottish institutions – have been affected and their future prospects could be changed as a result, BBC reports.

The re-count of the Situational Judgement Test was carried out after it was discovered automated marking led to mistakes in the results and it meant some student doctors missed out on their first choice of hospital placement for the next two years.

An independent enquiry is set to be conducted to find out what went wrong, after many individuals were told they had not qualified to work for any of their chosen hospitals.

The test – which has been trialled in the past but was being used to gauge the performance of final year students for the first time – was designed to make the process of allocating work placements fairer and more effective.