Highbury college launches entrepreneur programme

Highbury College in Portsmouth is preparing students for entrepreneurial careers through a new programme.

Under the scheme, the educational institution will join up with local businesses and national experts so students learn the value of opening a business and employing others, according to the Portsmouth News.

The programme is being run through the Gazelle system, which is a national framework that encourages students to join up with other institutions to foster the growth of ideas and networking among bright, entrepreneurial young people.

Doug Richards, one of the Gazelle project’s co-founders, told the paper: “When I was looking around it became immediately apparent that the largest proportion of people in the country get their education from colleges, so we need to make our colleges great.”

One local student, Poppy Sturgess, 18, praised the scheme and said its main strength is its vocational nature that rejects academic norms.

The entrepreneurial spirit of many youngsters is being fostered by the government as it looks to improve the UK’s youth employment rate.