Priestley College pupils test out Russell Group universities

Pupils at Priestley College in Warrington have been given the chance to test out facilities at two huge Russell Group universities thanks to new funding.

A large grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry has allowed students from the north-west-based educational institution to visit a new teaching hub at the University of Liverpool.

Pupils took a class on the Chemistry of Pain, which was hugely popular among the 15-strong group, before taking part in an experiment on the synthesis and analysis of benzocaine – a strong anaesthetic commonly used in cough drops.

Another 15 students travelled to the University of Manchester and received a course on synthesis, spectroscopy and chromatography.

The University of Liverpool and Manchester are expected to be popular choices for the Priestley College attendees as the town of Warrington is sat just between the two cities along the M62.

However, a recent drive by Oxbridge institutions to place students from poorer backgrounds may work in the pupils’ favour and help a number of Warringtonians to enter the elite establishments.