College teaching bursaries offered to graduates


The need to address a lack of quality teaching in higher education facilities in the UK has pushed the government to provide grants to certain graduates.

University leavers with a maths degree could be eligible for up to £20,000 if they choose to start mentoring students at colleges in the UK.

Those wishing to teach English straight out of a further education institute are entitled to the lower sum of £9,000, with the same offered to graduates going into special needs subjects.

It is hoped by business secretary Vince Cable, who introduced the scheme, that it will begin to address the massive skills shortage among teachers in the UK, with many put off the profession because of budget cuts and long working hours.

The government’s most recent Skills for Life Survey demonstrated the problem Britain faces because of the brain drain, with 24 per cent of the population lacking basic numeracy skills.

Mr Cable said: “Too many businesses tell me they cannot find young people with the numeracy and literacy skills they need.”