UK students are eager to start a business

Many students in the UK are eager to start a business after they have completed their degree.

This is according to a new survey conducted as part of StartUp Britain’s UK-wide campaign tour of colleges and universities, which found 63 per cent of scholars are hopeful of setting up their own company in the future.

It was shown that 20 per cent of those questioned believe they are likely to make more money if they work for themselves rather than getting a job.

The poll included students aged 15 to 24 from across the UK and revealed 25 per cent are keen to see their own firm flourishing in the technology sector.

Indeed, 70 per cent claimed a laptop is the most important piece of equipment for people setting out on their mission to become an entrepreneur, with 13 per cent citing mobile phones.

Emma Jones, co-founder of StartUp, said it is unsurprising to see so many young people wanting to work for themselves when they are older.

Ms Jones added: “Their innate understanding of technology and the fresh opportunity that exists out there right now means they are perfectly placed to start up a business and work for themselves.”