More university places to boost student finance value


An extra allocation of university places should help to boost student finance by offering greater value for money for scholars.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills has announced 5,000 additional spaces will be created through a competitive core and margin to universities and colleges scheme.

In addition, uncapped recruitment for high-achieving scholars is to be eased in 2013/2014 and the A-level threshold will be reduced from AAB+ to ABB+.

Business secretary Vince Cable – who is also the Liberal Democrat MP for Tottenham – noted the alterations should enable more young people to get into the universities of their choice.

“We are also increasing the number of places on courses which offer value for money, backing those universities and colleges which have focused on keeping their costs to students down,” he added.

David Willetts, universities and science minister, said the move will hand students greater choice and power, adding scholars are likely to benefit as a result of universities increasing the quality of academic experience on offer in order to attract the best candidates.