Award for student finance app

A university goer has won an award for developing a phone app that could help people gain better control over their student finances.

Glenn Sayer – who studies at the University of Ulster’s Magee campus – came up with the Budget Wise product that has gone on to earn him the 2011 Awesome App prize as part of Ireland’s first App Camp.

The initiative was run by IT company Kainos, which featured eight students being taught how to design new apps that can be used on a number of Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

Mr Sayers’ invention enables individuals to better track their incomings and outgoings and manage their budgets more effectively.

Undergraduates may therefore find the app is ideal for helping them keep abreast of how much of their student loan they have left and the amount of cash spent.

Tom Gray, chief technology officer at Kainos – which employs more than 300 consultants across its four business units – stated: “Glenn and the other seven students deserve great credit for their achievements.”