Scholars set up jobs website to ease student finance fears


A number of university goers have set up a jobs website aimed at easing student finance fears by helping them find employment. was started by business student Jack Tang because he felt not enough was being done to help people pay for the escalation in tuition fees, Metro reports.

Those who use the portal can attempt to source part-time work that fits around their timetable, with bartending and being a festival promoter among the options available.

Mr Tang created the site with other learners at Kings College, London – which was founded in 1828 – and stated: “With September on the horizon and no initiatives to help students to get by the financial hardship of university life, we’ve decided to make a change ourselves.”

The 20-year-old explained the days when undergraduates could go out and not worry about money appear to be over, with youngsters now having to be a lot more careful with how they make use of their student loan .

He added most of the people he knows at university are currently working or are hoping to gain employment sooner rather than later.