Poorer students losing out on university places


Young individuals applying for university places are at a disadvantage when it comes to creating their personal statements, as they do not have the same contacts to gain high-profile work experience placements.

Research carried out by the Sutton Trust suggested pupils attending independent schools are more likely to receive assistance from teachers when creating important documents that are used to impress admissions staff.

Based on analysis of more than 300 statements produced by teenagers with the same A-level grades, the study also found state-educated pupils are three times more likely to include writing errors compared with those from fee-paying institutions.

For this reason, the charity is calling for changes to the current system to stop the privileged position of private school pupils being exploited by admissions workers.

Sir Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust, said: “Applicants should outline how they might contribute to campus life and universities should make it clear that applicants are not penalised for lacking opportunities in the past due to family circumstances.”