Student finance should take insurance small print into account


One of the main areas of student finance is that of insurance – and those about to head off to university have been warned they need to do their homework when it comes to the finer details of such cover. has urged those in higher education to study the small print of their policies before deciding whether to extend their family home insurance cover or opt for a specific student product.

Phil Paterson-Fox, head of home insurance at the website – launched in November 2006 – said: “It is well worth checking the cover available as it can mean you avoid doubling-up on cover. However, it is important that you check the policy terms and the exclusions.”

The industry figure noted moving away from home in order to attend university can be a stressful period for both parents and students, but suggested insurance should not be overlooked during this time as a typical university goer’s bedroom is likely to include many valuables.