Postgraduates to get student loan support


Changes to the allowances scheme will result in more postgraduates being eligible for student loan support to put towards their tuition fees .

The Scottish government has revealed more than 2,000 extra university goers will be able to benefit from the assistance, adding to the 2,700 who qualify already.

These student loans will be worth up to £3,400 and education secretary Michael Russell noted the government has been looking at how it could bolster post-16 education reform by simplifying student help.

“We have had a number of very positive discussions around future provision and are now pleased to say that almost twice as many postgraduate students will be eligible for support,” he stated.

The politician – who is also the author of seven books, including one novel – explained this will result in more of the country’s very best scholars having access to an additional stage of academia that will be based on their ability as opposed to their capacity to pay tuition fees.

In 2012-13, the Open University and other part-time students are to be provided for by the initiative for the very first time.