Student debt to be eased by uni funding

College students

The Office of Fair Access has revealed that 25 English universities and colleges have had revised access agreements approved, which could be good for those worried about student finance.

Measures include an increase of £37.4m in fee waivers, while collectively university goers will pay £16.3m less in their headline fees.

In total, 11 institutions have decreased the tuition costs associated with some or all of their courses and so individuals could save up to £2,900 a year.

Sir Martin Harris, director of Fair Access to Higher Education, stated he was happy to see that money earmarked for retention activity “has largely been preserved”.

The specialist continued by saying he was also glad to see that “money is not just being moved from one pot to another”.

Under the terms of the arrangement, £757.5 million will be spent by English universities and colleges by 2015-16 on improving access measures.

Peter Mercer, vice-president of the National Union of Students, noted financial aid is not offering students enough support when trying to cover food and rent bills, the Daily Mail reported.