Scholars turning to Avon to supplement student loans

It appears many undergraduates struggling to keep on top of their student finances are turning to other jobs in order to improve their monetary situation.

The Daily Mail reports that a number of female university goers are becoming Avon ladies in an effort to supplement their student loan .

It noted there has been a marked increase in the number of scholars signing up to the sales job, with some areas of the UK reporting rises of 15 per cent in the amount of student girls putting their name down for the initiative.

And it is expected that these levels will climb even further once tuition fees are hiked to a maximum of £9,000 next year.

Peter Mercer, vice-president of the National Union of Students – which is a confederation of 600 university unions – said: “Most students find the financial support they receive from government will not cover spiralling rent or food bills and are forced into taking on more and more outside work.”

He added young people are having to do this in order to keep them in higher education and out of debt troubles.