Graduates staying at home because of student loan repayments


Many graduates in the UK may be forced to remain at home because of the financial commitments involved with student loan repayments.

Judy Reith, parenting coach and author at, has noted high rents and poor starting salaries are also limiting the likelihood that those fresh out of university will be able to afford a place of their own.

The industry figure observed parents are finding their finances stretched as a result of having to carry on supporting their children as they enter young adulthood.

Ms Reith explained all these factors “make it financially impossible for young people to set up their own homes”.

Individuals heading to university may therefore wish to plan ahead and factor in the impact paying back student loans is likely to have on their monetary position once their studies come to an end.

Ms Reith added mums and dads can help in this regard, noting: “It’s never too soon to teach kids the value of money.”

Her comments follow recent figures published by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service that showed the number of UK-born university applicants has dipped due to higher tuition fees.