University life

Freshers students at university

University life is a great experience for students, right through from Freshers’ week to graduation. Moving out of home to live on your own (albeit with a new group of flatmates), you feel like a ‘proper adult’ for the first time.

It may be a slightly daunting prospect to leave your family, but you’ll soon get used to it. Get to know your new flatmates – you’ll be seeing them a lot in the next year, and they may well end up being your housemates in the following years. Crack some jokes, tell them about yourself, and do some activities together.

Freshers’ week

This is a great chance for you to meet all the other new first-year students, and start to familiarise yourself to student life. It’s a good time to start making friendships and to have fun, before your course begins.

There will be many events taking place in the Students Union, and local clubs will have freshers-targeted nights. This week is intended to be spent enjoying yourself and not worrying about your course, so have a drink and let your hair down. With many parties taking place, Freshers’ week can be great fun for loads of students.

While a lot of the focus on freshers’ week involves boozy nights out, many other activities take place. If drinking isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you’ll have plenty to do still and definitely won’t be the only one.


Of course, studying is the key part of going to university. While you’re certainly meant to enjoy yourself, uni is a huge investment of money, so you need to work hard and try your best to graduate with high marks.

There may be a temptation to skip lectures, but avoid doing so, no matter how hungover you are! Get plenty of sleep each week, and write down loads of notes throughout the year. When it comes to exams you’ll be thankful you did this, trust us.

Make use of the university library, for both resources and peace away from your flatmates. Coming up with a study plan early on will go a long way in helping you achieve a First, which should be your aim at uni.