Scunthorpe college unveils new upgrade


A college in Scunthorpe has unveiled a number of new upgrades that it hopes will bolster student numbers.

John Leggott College revealed changes worth £5 million to the campus, including a beautiful new reception area, which bosses at the education institution hope will replicate the feel of a modern university mezzanine, according to the Scunthorpe Telegraph.

Principal David Vasse told the newspaper: “The [upgrades] should be ready for students on Thursday and Friday, and I’m looking forward to seeing them use it. The highlight for me has to be the new study space.”

The new area referenced by Mr Vasse cost £2.5 million to construct and will allow pupils to concentrate on their coursework in a much more enjoyable environment than was previously available.

College students will also be pleased to hear that the canteen has been revamped – allowing an on-site Starbucks to double in size and a doubling of capacity in the main eating area.

A number of further education facilities are having their facilities upgraded thanks to government funding announced by Michael Gove, the Conservative education secretary.